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QuickShine Infrared Hair Dryer

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The José Eber QuickShine Infrared Blow Dryer helps you achieve lustrous hair – fast! This light-weight, versatile blow dryer that uses the gentle heat of Far Infrared light to dry beginning deep within the hair cuticle, decreasing your dry time safely. The days of burns, hot spots and heat damage are over with this portable, professional-grade dryer. Dry your hair completely and quickly with the José Eber Hair QuickShine Infrared Blow Dryer.

  • Far infrared light infuses gentle, healthy heat into the core of the cuticle - not the surface of the hairshaft like traditional blow dryers - providing high shine and smoothness.
  • Never feels too hot, the Infrared Blow Dryer emits a cooler heat as it dries, eliminating burns and hot spots to the hair and scalp.
  • Quick drying time by 50%. Even with a cooler heat, the QuickShine Dryer dries hair in half the time.
  • Four variable speed and heat settings allow great control and adjustment ability for any hair type. Plus, a cool shot button helps set any style.
  • Ultra Lightweight design.
  • Built with a lightweight D/C motor. 
  • 1500 watts

How To Use:


After shampooing and conditioning, towel-dry hair to remove any excess moisture.

  1. Section hair appropriately for the hair type. (Thicker hair will require smaller sections.)
  2. With the dryer and a styling brush, direct the air in a downward motion from root to tip continuously moving the dryer down each section allowing the air to pass through    each section evenly. Do not concentrate heat in one location for any length of time to prevent burning or damaging hair or scalp.
  3. For smooth, shiny hair, direct the flow of the nozzle from root to tips. For added volume, lift hair at the root while shooting a blast of cool air upward toward the roots/ scalp by using the cool shot button.
  4. To finish the style, use the cool shot button and evenly blow air from root to tip to lock the style and smooth fly-aways and frizz.

For a quick touch up, dampen hair slightly and style with the dryer.

Directions for the air concentrator attachment included with the dryer:

Depending upon the thickness of hair, attach concentrator attachment when you need concentrated drying power to specific areas. Use the concentrator for more control while you style.

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