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Easy Elegant Sock Bun Hair How-to's

We mentioned back in the Summer Hack post that we would show you different ways on how to use a sock bun. Never heard of a sock bun? It's the easiest way to create an elegant clean bun using a doughnut ring, and no we're not talking about the food. You can buy the foam doughnut ring at any beauty store, but save your money and make your own out of a sock. This is where your mismatched pair of clean socks come in handy!  Cut the toe part of a sock with a pair of scissors, and roll it inside out into a doughnut shape, and voila! You're done.

Quick tip:The longer the sock, the thicker and bigger your bun will be, depending on how much hair you have.


Now that you have your own handy dandy sock bun, we've listed below some awesome sock bun tutorials that you can try.





 Now that you've perfected the sock bun, you can now start using your mismatched socks for something else other than your feet. 

We'd love to see you in your cute sock bun! Tag #joseeberhair for a chance to get featured on our social media.


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