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Straight into Summer: Useful Tips to Get the Perfect Straight Hair

We all know that wearing beach waves during the Summer is nothing new, but what about accomplishing that perfect straight "just got out of the salon"  blow out look instead? Rocking straight hair goes perfectly with any outfit, any occasion.

What are the benefits of straight hair?

  • Looks tidy and sleek without much effort
  • Braids easily
  • Perfect for sophisticated updos

Let's start by prepping the hair! We recommend using a heat protectant and a smoothing serum such as Argan oil.  It helps to prep your strands before you straighten it, to protect your hair from future damages while achieving some shine.

Before straightening your hair, we strongly advise always having your hair 80% dry. Styling with wet hair usually causes frizz. 

Our current favorite is the digital straightening brush for straightening hair. It leaves a nice amount of body and straightens effectively without leaving the hair flat. 

Make sure to brush up from root to ends to achieve some degree of volume. The great thing about the brush is that you can brush downward to tone down the volume.

-- Here we have some of our favorite celebs with beautiful straight hair, that you can easily achieve using your favorite hair straightening brush.





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