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How to Get the Most Out of Your Straightening Iron

Often times we think that straighteners simply straighten hair -- no matter how we use them. But there's more than meets the eye.

Here are some considerations for using your straightener effectively:

Choose the right type of plates.

  • We recommend using tourmaline and ceramic plates. These plates distribute heat more evenly causing less damage to the hair.

Choose the right size plates for you.

  • We recommend the smaller plated irons towards the shorter hair, and bigger plated irons towards longer hair.

Choose the right heat setting.

  • Cranking up the heat setting because you're in a rush, does not mean it will straighten your hair more effectively. 

Prep your hair.

  • Using a heat protectant and hair smoothing product is ideal before using your hair iron. Think of it as a makeup primer, but for your head. 

Clean your plates.

  • The more residue on your plates, the less effective. Continuing to run plates with residue build-up through your hair will damage your hair more than you think. Be sure to clean the plates of your straightener at least once a week, or every couple of uses depending on how often you straighten your hair.

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