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Fall Hair Color Trend: Pearlescent Hair

As you may remember, Pearlescent is one of the fall hair color trends we're in love with this autumn.

What is Pearlescent hair?

There are two defining characteristics of this hair color trend: (1) a super-shiny pearlescent effect and (2) cool, multidimensional blond tones. But after those, this trend is very much up to colorist interpretation. Just like real pearls range in color, this look ranges from platinum, silvery blonds with a pearly sheen to mother-of-pearl rainbow hues.

Why do we love it?

Just like highly prized gems themselves, the color trend is absolutely gorgeous, darling.

What does it look like?

Here are some of our favorite interpretations...

Pearlescent HairPearlescent HairPearlescent HairPearlescent HairPearlescent Hair

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