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Eclipting: The Mesmerizing Hair Color Technique

What is "Eclipting"?

Coined by Ian Michael Black, global artistic director for hair color at Aveda, eclipting is a technique that frames the face using contrasting colors that differ from person to person based on their features and undertones. Unlike balayage, which is meant to appear more natural and subtle, eclipting is all about achieving distinct change using stark contrast.

"If I want to show your eyes off, I'll take it darker just under the fringe. If I want to make your face look thinner, I might extend the darkness to the sides, which creates illusion of pushing the cheeks in a bit," said Black. "Color can also be used to offset the density of your hair. If it's thin, for example, layering a deeper color underneath can create the illusion of fullness."


Here's what this mesmerizing hair color technique looks like...


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