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Allure: José Eber Vibrating Flat Iron is a Game-Changer

In her post for the Allure Magazine Daily Beauty Reporter, Chloe Metzger put the Jose Eber Vibrating Flat Iron to the test and called it "a curly-hair game-changer".

We all had childhood best friends. For some, it was their golden retriever, for others, it was, you know, a human. But for 13-year-old me with unruly curly hair and a big love for Avril Lavigne, it was my straightener—a clunky, awkward, steaming Remington rock with removable combs and a tether to my heart. That is, until a hairstylist neighbor sat me down in her garage, handed me a bottle of mousse, and told me to let my curly-hair flag fly. From then on, I tucked away my straightener and haven't touched another one since. Until today.

This week, I got my hands on a vibrating flatiron from José Eber. Whaa? Yes, a flatiron that feels like an electric toothbrush and claims to shake out the teeny tiny kinks and knots in your hair that are unwittingly messing with the outcome of your sleek do. But, in the great words of Forrest Gump, I don't know about that. Because to be honest, the whole thing sounded a little gimmicky. Still, I kept an open mind and put the good vibrations to the test with my curls.

Be sure to read the rest of her article and try our revolutionary Vibrating Flat Iron for yourself.

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