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InStyle Magazine Features José Eber Vibrating Flat Iron

InStyle Magazine was so impressed with the José Eber 1.5" Vibrating Flat Iron they included it in the October beauty feature: Better Hair, More Time to Spare.

The Souped-Up Straightener: Once you clamp down on the section of hair, the hot plates vibrat, gently shaking strands so they don't clump. This allows the iron to smooth pieces in one pass. (Trust us: We tried it!)

It really is the flat iron you have to feel to believe. The Vibrating 1.5" Flat Iron combines heat and vibration technology for friction-free, fluid-like glide. This combination allows hair to flow effortlessly between the plates for a smoother, straighter style, with absolutely no pulling or binding. The oscillating movement removes kinks and creases, while the tourmaline ceramic plates seal in moisture to keep hair silky smooth for days after use.

Feel for yourself! Get better hair with more time to spare >>

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