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3 Chic and Easy Hairstyles for the Hardworking Mom

Mother's Day holds a special place in every mother's heart. As our moms have always been hard workers, we're here to make it easier for mom to pull off any hairstyle perfect for any occasion. We've listed below the top 3 chic and easy hairstyles for our mothers to achieve this Spring. 

1.The Knot Twist Half Updo

Hair blogger babe and also mother of two,  Amber Fillerup  creates a simple half updo with a twist and elegance by adding some waves. Hair waves in this photo can be accomplished using this awesome curler.

2. Flat Iron Braid Waves

Anything is possible. Yes, straightening irons known to straighten the hair, can also curl  hair. Wavy hair is still obtainable for  moms that don't have enough time to curl their hair in the morning. Easily achieved by braiding the hair in as many sections desired. After braiding, run the flat iron through the braids. A couples swipes through the hair...unravel the braids, and voila! 

3. The Voluminous Ponytail

 Add some volume to the basic ponytail. Perfect for going from a day to night look. Simply part the hair off center and curl hair using this curling iron  Once finished, back comb the hair for texture and volume. When done, tie hair with an elastic band. To hide the band,  grab a small section of hair and wrap it around the elastic. Finding a date night look just got a whole lot easier.

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