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Give Your Hair Some TLC with this 2-Ingredient Hair Mask

Egg and olive oil isn't just for making your omelette. Why not include it in your hair while you're making your breakfast? Here is a simple DIY that you can do once a month for that extra boost of TLC. 

These two powerhouse ingredients  won't just moisturize your hair, but will also aid in hair growth.

The egg promotes hair growth with the help of vitamin A, E, and D in addition to fatty acids, protein and sulfur. The olive oil is packed with vitamins and is proven to deeply penetrate into hair cuticle to effectively absorb moisture and nutrients.


1 egg (2 eggs for thick hair )

2 tbps of olive oil


For oily hair - Use egg white only 

For dry hair - Use egg yolk only

For normal hair- Use whole egg

1. Crack egg(s) into a bowl and separate egg yolk or white depending which hair type you have. Dispose the rest or use for your omelette ;)

2. Beat the egg(s) and add the olive oil in.

3. Massage mixture into hair starting from roots to end over a sink. *Caution: this part might get a little messy

4. Tie your hair in a bun or use a plastic cap to cover your hair and let sit for 15 minutes.

5. Rinse hair in the shower extremely well with cold, lukewarm water until mixture is completely out of your hair. We do not recommend hot water, unless you want cooked egg residue in your hair.

Now you can thank us for obtaining smooth, hydrated, supple hair while having a delicious omelette in the morning!

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